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Karau Orthodontics

Improving your smile and profile

one appointment at a time

Making your smile naturally beautiful.


I offer state of the art personalized care with an emphasis on lasting functional and aesthetic correction. Special attention is devoted to achieving a balanced profile in conjunction with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) balance. It is especially important to formulate a unique treatment plan for each patient rather than a technician oriented approach which tends to result in an artificial rather than a natural smile and profile. To accomplish these objectives all treatment adjustments are done by the orthodontist rather than by technicians. We are in effect a boutique practice giving the orthodontist more time with the individual patient.

Honors and awards received by Karau Orthodontics:


The practice has received the Virginia's Top Dentist Award from Virginia Living and Northern Virginia Living magazine, Washington’s Best Dentists recognition, and Americas Top Dentists Award from the Consumer Protection Bureau. Presidencies of Alexandria Dental Society, Metropolitan Dental Health Council, Virginia Orthodontic Society, and Southern Association of Orthodontics. Fellowship in the International College of Dentists, the Fauchard Medal, and Clinician at the French and European Society of Orthodontists.

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